Tomsona 6

The quietest area of city centre

Tomsona 6

Next to education, sporting and culture venues

Tomsona 6

A reverence to historical architecture

Tomsona 6

Green yard, balconies and rooftop terraces

Our Story

The apartment building at 6 Tomsona Street is located in a green and quiet area within the city centre of Riga. The L-shaped seven-storey apartment building is integrated within the historic functionalist cityscape by the internationally renowned architect Zane Tetere-Šulce (Open AD).
The project stands next to a kindergarten. Several schools, a hospital and a shopping centre are all in close vicinity. Only a few minutes’ walk separates it from the Olympic sports centre, the largest sports and entertainment venue Arena Riga, as well as one of the main theatre.
The rhythms and lines of the facade complement the neighbouring building, a local cultural monument. A special atmosphere at 6 Tomsona Street will be created by artists’ studios that occupy more than a third of the building on the northern side.
Shared premises will include a bicycle parking area, storage space, green front lawn and a patio, as well as a car park (with cutting-edge car elevators) for 18 cars. Single flats and a few studios will be located on the second floor of the building. Overall, the second to seventh floor feature 25 residences – 11 apartments and 14 studios. Both open and closed balconies face the street and the patio, while inhabitants of the top floor are provided with roof terraces.
Curent state of development: design and coordination.‍

We build for life

We believe that beautiful and emotional life must be available here and now. The beginning of the 21st century in Latvia is the right time and place for a beautiful life! Building ordinary houses is open for many. Creating elite refinement – belongs to a few.
We aim to build housing not for the few selected, but for people – surpassing average tastes, average quality standards and average expectations. We build modern housing, which eventually will bear a classic value.
Present repeats classics or creates avant-garde. The real value is born leaving behind everything random, temporary, erroneous and compromise. Our project bears real value – exactly for these reasons.
Each of our projects absorbs and reflects the spirit of the times livingin the surrounding architecture and collective memory. Developing each project, we develop the environment around it, creating artistic and infrastructural objects, including playgrounds, green areas, walkways and places for recreation.
Lebensbau fulfills its mission with the help of the closestpartners – OpenAD, an internationally recognized architectural and design bureau led by Zane Tetere-Šulce, and Anzāģe, a reliable Latvian construction company. Such a choice of partners, talented and repeatedly tested, ensures maximum added value at each stage of the project growth.
The development of a new project may take several years, after which it becomes a family home for many decades, sometimes for life, sometimes for several generations. Therefore, we invest only in projects that we ourselves consider outstanding. In a world where borders, traditions, attitudes, principles and norms change, we remain true to unchanging construction excellence.


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Tomsona 6, Riga, LV-1013
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